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Jordan S

With Alan's guidance and life-altering techniques, I made positive changes in my life and reclaimed my self-worth. I am so grateful for everything he has done for me. His love and compassion for helping others are incredible! My journey with Alan was instrumental in who I am now. I am growing and learning every day, and now I am free to create my desired life.

Coaching with Alan has been a complete life changer!


Braelyn Rose

So I went into the session very skeptical. Cindy made me feel comfortable right from the start and told me I didn’t even have to say to her what this memory was. This program was excellent. In the past, if I ever talked to anyone about this, I always ended up in tears. I laid down, put on an eye mask, and we began. Within 45 minutes, I felt unemotional about the event, calm and had the strangest sensation that I could no longer access the details of this memory!

Bill J.

It was terrific the result I got from them when they helped me realize that many of the things I believe and lived by were not empowering me but were hurting me. Their coaching program and the release techniques they used were quick and painless. I had gone to counselling for years with some progress, but compared to what I got from Alan and Cindy. It was like night and day. I want to thank you both, and my family, thanks to you as well. 

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