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We Believe that you can Shine.

We believe that you can achieve a better life for yourself. Let us show you how, so you can begin to build the life you truly desire.

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Our powerful techniques enable you too tap into your inner Magic!

We believe in empowering you to overcome whatever obstacles that may be stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams. To achieve this goal, we use cutting edge techniques with amazing results.


Real People and Real Change

We offer transformation and mindset coaching through the use of Life Altering techniques. We’ve spent countless years gathering all of the best concepts and techniques to help you regain your mind, emotional state, and life. We can instill a sense of confidence, fulfillment, and a new-found connection with the world around you.
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Enlightened, by Alan Wade

and Cindy Preston

Proficient and highly sought after for Hypnotherapy, MER® and Master Practitioners of NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. They are coaches, consultants, speakers, and four-time Award Winning and International Bestselling Authors. As global speakers and educators, Alan Wade and Cindy Preston embody the principles they teach. They have spoken on many international stages and continually help thousands of clients through their leadership and guidance.

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Tom H

I worked with Cindy and Alan they are two of the most caring people I know. They helped me to take back my life. My childhood trauma was terrible but because of their help it is like i am a new person. 

Thank you Cindy and Alan.


Braelyn Rose

Cindy has changed my life forever. She has helped me get rid of a horrifying trauma I have been carrying around for over 40 years. I was 7 when it happened and I was doubtful, to be honest,  Her method is simple and highly effective.


Bill J.

I lived for many many years with this sinking feeling of not being worthy or even deserved to have a good life. For years i blamed myself for everything that was happening to me. Alan and Cindy helped me too,  they give me the empowered me to take back my life. 


Jordan S

Working with Alan has literally saved my life. Prior to Alan's help I was suffering in many ways. For over 20 years I lived in darkness as I attempted to drink through my traumas and pain. Life seemed unbearable, and I felt unworthy of it.