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Transform and release past pain, limiting beliefs, and create the life you desire.

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 Freedom Coaching Programs!


Our Transforming Coaching programs empower you to clear  your past by releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  Our professional coaches use cutting edge techniques which allows you to get to the root of the problem and release the associated baggage. We use hypnosis to reinforce the new beliefs and behavior changes.   After this clearing process we then use mindset coaching to set you on your new life path.  There are Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. Individually costumed designed for your unique needs. They range from 2, 4 or 6 months.

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The Transformational Speakers


Alan and Cindy have over 25 years of experience working in the Addictions/Mental Health field and are Hypnotherapists, MER®, NLP Master Practitioners, Coaches and Consultants. They are International Best Selling Authors and speak on various social media outlets and stages. 


Alan Wade

Hypnotherapist MER®

NLP Master Practitioner

Reiki Master


International Bestselling


Coach & Consultant

Cindy Preston

Hypnotherapist MER®

NLP Master Practitioner

Reiki Master


International Bestselling


Coach & Consultant

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Our Coaching Programs


Master your Next level of Success and Break Free from your Past Results. 

Start Changing Your Life Today!

The Full Breakthrough Session
This POWERFUL life altering technique FREES YOU from past baggage in an area of your life. Topics such as, health, relationships, career, which includes (financial), and spirituality. This technique requires approximately a full day to complete. 
MER® (Mental Emotional Release)

MER® offers the ability for individuals to release negative emotions/beliefs associated to past events. MER® has the ability to give tremendous relief from symptoms in the very first session.

Mindset and Transformation
Monthly Coaching


Are you tired of being in a prison of your own making? When you purchase the Mindset and Transformation Monthly Coaching package you will gain access to the keys that unlock your inner prison of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Each package is individualized to you. No one size fits all here. We customize the packages to your needs.

The Power of Self Love


Self-love is the key to making your life work.  When you don’t love yourself then you will sabotage your efforts to improve your life.  You will not feel worthy of goodness and therefore unconsciously behave in ways that do not serve you.  Self-love is so important not only to your life but also to the people that you love.  When you love yourself you will feel good about who you are and that will ripple out to everyone around you.  

Utilize the amazing power of your unconscious mind with Hypnosis. With this product you will receive an individual hypnosis session and a copy of a self hypnosis mp3 in the area you are working on. Give yourself the gift of hypnosis and break free of the negative patterns controlling your life.
The Power of Thoughts 


  The Power of Thoughts Program is all about changing the way you think. If you realized how powerful your thoughts are you would guard them more closely.  Your thoughts literally are creating your future.  When you learn how to use your thoughts you can then create the life you truly want and deserve. 


This program will free you in the areas of health, relationships, spirituality and career which includes (financial). This technique requires approximately 8 hours to complete. For this process, you will complete a detailed life history, (MER®) Mental Emotional Release, and Hypnosis, as well as any NLP technique required to ensure a successful outcome. MASTER your life and get to the core issue of what is holding you back. The breakthrough session is the key to your new-found freedom.

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Tom H

I worked with Cindy and Alan they are two of the most caring people I know. They helped me to take back my life. My childhood trauma was terrible but because of their help it is like i am a new person. 

Thank you Cindy and Alan.


Braelyn Rose

Cindy has changed my life forever. She has helped me get rid of a horrifying trauma I have been carrying around for over 40 years. I was 7 when it happened and I was doubtful, to be honest,  Her method is simple and highly effective.


Bill J.

I lived for many many years with this sinking feeling of not being worthy or even deserved to have a good life. For years i blamed myself for everything that was happening to me. Alan and Cindy helped me too break free and take back my life. 


Jordan S

Working with Alan has literally saved my life. Prior to Alan's help I was suffering in many ways. For over 20 years I lived in darkness as I attempted to drink through my traumas and pain. Life seemed unbearable, and I felt unworthy of it.

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